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Friday, April 6

(Video) SmartPhone Beta Test is Finally Over! + (Video) At&t; TV Comercial

I was only curious to see how Nokia would go about introducing and marketing the Lumia 900 in the US.
Given that Nokia has been absence here for the past 5years, It is important to see how the make their presence known again.

So they came up with the idea of SmartphoneBetaTest, the idea behind this campaign is that users who use iPhones and Android have unwittingly been test subjects who were testing those phones for flaws and other inadequacies, flaws/inadequacies like sunlight glare, low call quality, death grip (iPhone), fragility of these phones and more.
Now that the test is over, it is time to use the real deal. Because the Lumia 900 is the result of the test carried out in the last 5years, fixing all the flaws of the androids and iPhones.

 It's not a bad idea, it's actually very very creative...

Here's the Video of the Ad currently running on TV:

Here's another video, this time showing one of the features of windows phone (Live Tiles) which constantly updates you of what's going on around you.

At&t also has an Ad of their own, but it's pretty boring reminds me of T-Mobile's black and white commercial for the Lumia 710.
Looks like any typical AT&T commercial, which is quite disappointing considering the fact that the Lumia 900 is supposed to be their Franchise of "Hero" device and they did promised us nice heavy marketing. This just doesn't cut it, not impressed with At&t's commercial.

Here's At&t TV commercial for the Lumia 900:


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