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Thursday, April 12

Windows Phone Marketplace overwhelmed by growth of its Apps Hub

With the marketplace now boasting of over 80,000 apps and still growing at an exponential rate, Microsoft is being overwhelmed by the number of App submissions/certifications and also app updates for publishing, so much so that their servers can no longer handle the rate at which apps are coming in.

this has led to delays and slowdowns, much to the dismay of developers looking to get their work out there as quickly as possible.

Well no worries, Todd Brix (official windows phone developer blog) states that they are working on a long term solution, as more servers will be deployed to handle the capacity and as well, other steps will be taken to mitigate the delay and inconveniences caused to developers.

Here's a snippet from todd Brix:

It turns out App Hub had become less responsive. And our certification turnaround times have increased—by one business day, on average, from January through late March. Why? In short, growing pains. In three months the number of apps in Marketplace has grown by 60 percent, to nearly 80,000. During that period we’ve also nearly doubled the number of customer stores around the world, so there are now 54 markets to sell your apps. The addition of so many new markets and apps so quickly has slowed our backend systems.

So what are we doing about it? There is a long-term and a short-term plan. We’re already in the process of developing a more robust and scalable Marketplace service that will address current problems and pave the way for the even more rapid growth we’re expecting in the years ahead. But engineering work this significant doesn’t happen overnight. Our plan is to have it complete by late summer.

I am not going to go into full detail on how they intend on fixing this (you can read FULL STORY HERE)

I am only writing on this because I wanted to look at it from a brighter side, and that is; the marketplace is growing and it's not just growing, it's GROWING at a rapid pace, so fast that I bet Windows Phone People didn't realize how fast this would happen ( I mean, if they did they would have prepared for it). I guess they underestimated the influence Nokia has.

To put in contrast, before the Nokia + Microsoft merger back in January, the marketplace had less than 10,000 apps, actually maybe about 5,000 apps, but we have seen those numbers quadruple in the last year, no thanks to Nokia, so once again "you're welcome" windows phone!


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