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Monday, May 7

Blackberry rips Nokia N9 Swipe UI for its BB10 OS!

Ever since the Nokia N9 came out almost a year ago, it has sold over 5million units, for a device that was killed at birth, that's a remarkable number and for good reason, everything about the N9 is unique, from its hardware to the unique UI.
So much so that the N9 has become sort of an idol for other OEMs (HTC, Samsung, LG) to follow, as they have since been ripping different concepts from the device.

The latest ripper is no other than Blackberry, Blackberry is on the brink of extinction, and when you see your demise you quickly become desperate for survival, so desperate you will do anything to survive. Ladies and Gentlemen, BlackBerry is surviving...

In a bid to remain relevant, Blackberry will be using the creativity of the N9's UI in its upcoming BB10 OS.

Here are pics of the stunning resemblance:

It's good to see the Nokia N9 once again setting the pace for others to follow.

Source: GSMArena

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  1. Of course they will steal it. Nokia N9 and its Swipe Ui has been lauded many times over in tech blogs. It's critically acclaimed, loved by geeks and sort of a living legend in the mobile world. It's too bad Nokia has sold their soul to MS!