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Monday, May 14

funny ESPN TV commercial for Nokia Lumia 900 (with BaseBall Legend John Kruk)

I wrote a post a couple of months ago on Baseball Legend and ESPN personality John Kruk tweeting about him shooting a TV commercial for the Nokia Lumia 900 and how he though it was a pretty cool phone.

Well, that TV commercial is here now and you can find it on NokiaUS YouTube Channel:

Here it is:

The 30 second TV Ad talks about the Clear Black Display that allows you to use it in direct sunlight, the Carls Ziess camera for awesome pics and HD recording and the "up to date" awesome ESPN App.
Since its a sports centric commercial, you will likely see it on TV on ESPN or during sports games (most likely baseball). I haven't seen it on TV, but then again I don't watch baseball... a lot

It's a pretty funny commercial, especially at the end when he inadvertently goes into the women's bathroom!


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