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Saturday, May 12

Leaked photos of Nokia's 1st All-Touch Dual-SIM S40 device: Nokia 305

I always wondered how Nokia was going to get the "next Billion" people to use Nokia phones.

Well, here's part of the way to do it, release a CHEAP Dual-SIM all-touch phone and sell it in developing countries where pay-as-you-go and pre-paid cards are predominant.

Here's Nokia first all-touch Dual-Sim S40 device, the leaked photos originated from Taiwan, China.


 You can see the 2nd SIM slot in the second photo.

From the photos we can conclude that

It's a 3.2inch screen,
it looks kinda bulky but the curved back makes it easier to grip,
it has a microSD slot,
make call and end call physical buttons.
3.5mm audio jack,
normal Nokia a/c jack
microUSB jack

It's almost certain this will run on Symbian series40 OS.

                                                                                                             Source: MNB


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