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Wednesday, May 2

MeeGo may be dead but Tizen lives (first beta release v1.0 out now)

The partnership between Intel, Panasonic, Samsung and a host of others in creating a TRUELY open source mobile OS yielded one called Tizen, and yesterday the first non-beta release in both source code and software development kit forms were released.

MeeGo was supposed to be the first truly open source linux based mobile OS, it was developed by a collaboration between Nokia and Intel, until MeeGo got dumped/burned real bad by Nokia, especially after Nokia went the Microsoft way, leaving Intel in the desert with MeeGo). Though before MeeGo's demise, the partnership between Nokia/Intel bore a child aka the N9 and N950, and Nokia promised child support (unlike the child turns 18?)

Anyway, Intel sought other partners (Samsung, Panasonic and a host of others) and together from the ashes of MeeGo rose Tizen! announced last year.

The unveiling of Tizen left many mobile open-source aficionados wondering when the OS would reach its all-important 1.0 status. The answer is now:  The finished versions of either carry new features to reward developers for the wait: SDK users get a new browser-based simulator and a faster emulator, while those scouring the source code will find new point-of-interest and route searching features in location-aware apps as well as WiFi Direct and more HTML5 support. About the only wait left is for an actual Tizen phone to ship.

screenshots of Tizen OS

The keypad looks a lot like the one on MeeGo, doesn't it?

It would be interesting to see what happens if Tizen kicks off well and even surpasses windows phone?? now that would really be awkward! But I don't think there is room for a 4th major mobile OS. In case you don't know, even Mozilla is working on a mobile OS as well! getting really crowded in here isn't it

Source:  Engadget


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