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Monday, May 7

Nokia acknowledges Purple tint on the Lumia 900, fix coming soon, no $100 credit this time :P

Apparently, the Nokia Lumia 900 cannot catch a break!

Yet another issue has come up with the 900... the curse of the Purple tint (why does it always have to be purple!?).

Many users (including myself) have not noticed this, but if you go to settings, select "Brightness" and disable auto brightness option and set your brightness to low, you will get a purple tint on your phone.

Here's a comparison between the purple tint and when your phone is on auto brightness:
              Purple tint: Low Brightness                                                               Auto Brightness On: Normal

The reason many have not noticed is simply because your phone is on auto brightness by default, and that option works so well that many don't bother tinkering with this setting. but for the few that did and found this flaw, I say to them "don't you have anything better to do? Quick messing with your settings and just enjoy the phone, what's your problem?"

Another interesting thing is you also don't noticed the purple tint if you're using the light background theme, as seen here:

When I read the news about the purple tint issue I was happy I didn't have that problem on my white glossy 900 until I changed the settings to low and BOOM, it's there alright.

Many are oblivious to the problem, so it's hard to say just how many of the Lumia 900 units have this problem.

Nokia has however acknowledged the problem (via @NokiaCareUS) and are working on a fix which will be released soon, though no time frame was given exactly.

This tint issue has been plaguing Nokia for wuite some time now, and apparently it causes problems irrespective of what mobile OS the Nokia phone is running, if you remember in the past, there has been tint issues on the Lumia 800 and the N8 before that!

I don't suppose Nokia will be giving out $100 At&t credits this time, because sadly, I have begun to uncover other minor issues with the device :-(


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