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Monday, May 7

Nokia Phones and the Curse of the Tint!

Black, Purple, Red or Yellow, it doesn't matter the color of the tint but it seems Nokia hasn't found a cure to this plague and has tarnished its image.

From the unwelcome tints on the N8 to the Lumia 800's purple tint and now the Lumia 900 suffers the same fate.

The good news is that Nokia always releases a software update to fix these problems, but why do they keep coming back with every new device Nokia puts out, it's also interesting to note that these tints come on Nokia devices irrespective of what mobile OS they are running, whether its the "soon to be" extinct Symbian or the "hopeful" WP7 OS.

The latest tint issue is on the Lumia 900, it gets a purple tint when you disable automatic brightness and  manually set your brightness to "low". Nokia acknowledged this issue and are working on an update.

But many have not realized that there's an even bigger tint issue... when taking pictures, just check out this picture I took of a white room compared to the same picture I took with a Sony Bloggie camera...

Lumia 900 yellow tint                                                                                     Normal Digital Camera

So as you can see, this is a HUGE problem.

It's obviously now a mobile OS issue, since it happens across multiple platforms.
Maybe Nokia should look at their LCD manufacturers? I dunno, what I do know is its becoming a problem, a HUGE problem that needs to be addressed.
These tiny glitches are not acceptable especially for a Mobile Company trying to regain ground and confidence from its consumers (both new and loyal ones).


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