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Thursday, May 10

Nokia Store Logo now on Lumia 900 phones?

According to TheVerge, Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace on the Lumia 900 is now being branded with Nokia's own logo. The minor change does not alter the functionality of the Marketplace, but it's one of the first signs of Nokia's influence on the Windows Phone operating system. Nokia Lumia 900 devices shipping in the UK include the latest 8773 build of Windows Phone with a new Marketplace logo (seen above).

In case you didn't know the international branded HSPDA+ Nokia Lumia 900 is now on sale in the UK, this is probably the first Nokia customization on the phone OS, though more are set to come when Windows Phone 8 is released.

The Nokia Logo Marketplace seems to only be available on unlocked international variants of the Lumia 900

Source: TheVerge


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