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Friday, May 4

Nokia TGIF: At&t; passes "Nokia Biggest Fan" litmus test on whether they recommend the Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia's Biggest Fan, thegeneralDestroyer, went on a mission to find out if At&t reps would recommend the Nokia Lumia 900 over the iPhone or Android devices...
He made several calls to At&t as novice and asked which phone they would recommend for him to get, the at&t reps did not know the calls were recorded.

Check out the investigation...

It's interesting, not only did they recommend the phone, there's in-phone Ads for the device as well while you wait for a representative to take your call.

I guess At&t is finally going full throttle on marketing the Nokia Lumia 900.

Check out thegeneralDestroyer for more fun Nokia related videos

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  1. Less rude would certainly appeal to more people. Although, nice initiative. "The general destroyer" made a point.

  2. This is truly an excellent example of how poor our economy is doing.