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Wednesday, May 23

Nokia World Event downgraded! Now rescheduled for Sept 5th/6th

The Nokia World Event which was originally scheduled for September 25th has been moved up, It's now going to be held September 5th and 6th, and the whole Event Format has been downgraded from its traditional HUGE Event for everyone to a "Press conference" status with only invited guests (Operators and Retail Partners); I think this is the first time Nokia is closing its Nokia World Event from the Public.

So what's with the change? I dunno! Speculation is that Nokia is trying to save money, but I don't think Nokia is that broke that they would downgrade such an iconic once-in-a-year event for them and if they are indeed broke then... (bites fingernails)

Also the event is moved to an earlier date, so I guess Nokia are excited and cannot wait to show what they have got, huh?!

Here's the Official statement from Nokia:
We have made some changes to the format and date of Nokia World 2012: Instead of a single big event, we will run a number of smaller, more intimate events with specific audiences in mind.
 The first of these will take place in Helsinki on September 5-6. This event will be invitation only and cater primarily to our operator and retail partners.
  Other Nokia World activities will be announced in the weeks and months ahead.

The statement does say that there will be further announcements regarding the Nokia World activities in the coming weeks/months. So we will see.

The new Windows Phone 8 Nokia devices are expected to be unveiled at the event, along with maybe a Windows 8 tablet? or maybe not


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