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Thursday, May 3

Photo: Window Phone 8 Apollo running on Nokia Lumia 900??

PhoneArena just posted a picture claiming to show the login screen on a Nokia Lumia 900 running the Windows Phone 8 OS in Dev. mode.

If this image is real, then this would be the first shot of windows phone 8 (Apollo) we have seen in the wild.

Though I have my doubts, for one, the Nokia or At&t logos at the top of the supposedly Lumia900 are missing, but then again this might be a protoype device.
Also, the interface looks somewhat photoshopped, it is also possible to write a simple C# program app to illustrate this.

The Interface however looks a lot like the log in screen on Windows 8, so that might be a good indication that the image is authentic. but then!

But the image does emerge at a good time, as you know Microsoft is organizing a developer event in San Francisco next month (June) and it is speculated that the Windows Phone 8 OS will be revealed at the event

Here is the leaked image:

Source:  PhoneArena



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