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Thursday, May 31

Symbian Donna (Belle FP2) aka PR3.0 available this September?

By September, all traces of 1st Gen. symbian devices (N8 C7 E7, maybe not E6) will be gone and replaced by the more powerful 2nd gen. 603, 700, 701 and 808 PureView leading the pack and during that same period (if this rumor is true) the next major update to Symbian should be released, the Symbian Donna (not official name) or Belle FP2 is said to be coming out this Sept. if  reports from Symbian-developer is true...
here is a screenshot of the data:

The Note at the bottom there states that the PR3.0 (FP2) is planned for a week 36 (September) 2012.



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