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Wednesday, May 2

Windows Phone 8 coming this June??

We just might see Windows Phone 8 (aka Apollo) in the wild as early as June.

Microsoft is organizing a Dev Summit for Windows Phone Developers this on the 20th - 21st June in San Francisco! I just might tag along my nerd buddies to see what's cooking on this one :-), though I haven't decided if I am going to go yet, but we'll see.

The word is Microsoft will officially unveil the Windows Phone 8 OS aka Apollo. If that's the case then it will be really exciting to see what they have been cooking secretly in the kitchen all this time!
As you all know the WP7 OS isn't on par with iOS or Android, heck even Symbian has more functions.
So many have been waiting to see this.

The rumor has been that Windows Phone 8 wouldn't be available till this Fall (October), but Microsoft has been pressured by Phone Carriers (At&t, Verizon...) and OEMs (Nokia) to get it ready well before the holidays. So don't be surprised if we get to see it come June.

If at the end we don't see the WP8, I expect answers to 2 BURNING QUESTIONS on everyone's mind to be answered at the least, the 2 QUESTIONS are:

1. When will Windows Phone 8 be available? and
2. Will existing Windows Phones (Lumia series) get the WP8 upgrade?

Source: WMPU


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