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Monday, June 11

20mins interview with Chris Weber (Nokia US President)

Chris Weber, Nokia US President was interviewed/grilled by Howard Chui (from Howard Forums) on the state of Nokia and its move forward with Windows Phone.

Here are a few pointers to get from the 21mins video interview:

If you feel the video is too long, here are the main pointers I grabbed after watching it, most are already information we already knew, and Chris is reiterating...

  • The Marketplace (WP app store) had 6,000 before the Nokia partnership, and today it has grown to 90,000+ apps.
  • We should expect some Iconic Nokia devices in the future.
  • Pure-view technology used on the 41MP Nokia 808 will come to future Lumia devices.
  • Consumers would expect some nice surprises/delights on the platform from Nokia in the very near future.
  • Nokia will be bringing enhancements to the WP OS, specific to Nokia.
  • More Nokia unique Apps are coming to the "Nokia Collection" section of the marketplace
  • Nokia is currently evaluating whether or not to bring its Music service (Mix Radio) to the US.
  • Nokia's focus in order to succeed in the US  is based on 4 key areas: Design, Imaging, Location&Commerce, and unique apps.
  • Nokia wouldn't be revealing sales numbers of the Lumia 900, until it has gained 100% market share of the mobile industry.
  • There is no plan B should windows phone fail to make an impact.
  • and no comment on when we will see a WP8 phone
 In my own opinion and as a long time Symbian user turned windows phone user, I think its a real gutsy move by Nokia to ditch Symbian and go WP, but I wouldn't judge (and neither should anyone) until we see the first Windows Phone 8 Nokia smartphone. If Nokia does not get it right, then THEY ARE DONE!



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