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Saturday, June 16

6/18/12: Microsoft Tablet coming? Nokia 808 comes to the US?

Nokia has posted a few teaser photos on their Nokia US facebook page...

These photos have been decoded and we have come to the conclusion that the Nokia 808 PureView will be coming to the US.

1st photo: honolulu, hawaii

the first photo is a screenshot of nokia maps with 2 locations pinned down, those locations is honolulu, hawaii and it has a zipcode of 808.

2nd photo: Roland_TR-808, programmable drum machine

the second photo is of the Roland_TR-808, which is the first programmable drum machine, notice it's model number is 808 and it is a first of its kind device, much like the Nokia 808.

3rd photo: from the 808 band album cover

the third photo is from the album cover of the band called "808 band"

I'm expecting to see more teaser photos being uploaded by Nokia over this weekend leading up to monday.

If this turns out to be true, it will be a real shocker especially since Nokia did confirm last year it stopped bringing Symbian phones to the US and would focus more on windows phones (Lumia 710, 900), nevertheless, this is good news for the select few who will be picking up the camera masterpiece, as you know it will be sold as an unlocked phone, therefore expect to pay full price for the device, which will be somewhere between $500-700, the phone will work on either T-Mobile or on the At&t network.
the question is why would Nokia be bringing the 808 to the states, maybe this has something to do with S.Elop's recent comment about the windows phone not doing so well in the US, and maybe Nokia decided to gain more ground and traction by bringing the 41MP cameraphone to the US and using it to prepare Americans for the first PureView Lumia phone?

Microsoft also will be making an announcement come Monday, though at first it was thought that both announcements were related, it seems highly unlikely, it is speculated that microsoft will be unveiling its onw Windows 8 Tablet, one that will rival the ipad and android tablets. So who is the hardware manufacturer for this tablet? Nokia?

Via: NokiaInnovation


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