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Saturday, June 9

Appisode 113: King of the Sea for Nokia Lumia Phones

While the movie "BattleShip" featuring Liam Neeson and Rihanna (yes I said Rihanna), is based off of the popular multi-player board game, it turned out to be a HUGE disappointment, well, this is King of the Sea, also based off of the BattleShip board game,
So what's battleship about? well, you have a numbered grid and you get to position your fleet of battleships anywhere you want across the grid, (while your opponent does the same on his own grid), when you both are done, you take turns trying to find the location of your enemy's ships by firing missiles on different positions on the grid till you get a hit.
King of the Sea is the same thing, you play online with random players or against friends or even the AI, the difference between battleship and "king of the sea" is that in battleship you can shoot a missile per turn while in King of the sea, you can fire up to 5 missiles on your turn, but as your ship gets detected and destroyed the amount of missiles you can fire on a turn reduces..


My Verdict:
It's a really good spin off from the original Battleship game, the only downfall is that it is confined to only Windows Phone users and given there aren't that many YET, you might find it hard to get paired up with an opponent and when you do get an online opponent, one game can last for days. But all in all it is a really good slow paced game you can enjoy occasionally.

King of the sea if FREE from the marketplace HERE


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