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Saturday, June 9

Appisode 116: Ninja Academy for Nokia Lumia

You vahe obviously played or at least heard of Fruit Ninja, well say hello to a very good spin off of that popular game... Ninja Academy.
It's the same with fruit ninja, except you are slicing bamboo sticks in half, and if you know how hard those plants are then you know this would n't be as easy as slicing up melons or pineapples, but ninja academy does not end there, while you are slicing those tough plants, be careful and stay away from the occasional dynamites that pop up and as if that's not enough, you still have to use your ninja stars to knock down those targets that slide from one end to the other of the screen (at the back)... phew! All in a day's work for you Ninja!

My Verdict:
This is an awesome alternative to Fruit Ninja, so if you think Fruit Ninja isn't challenging enough, then maybe you should take your ninja skills to the next level!

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