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Sunday, June 10

Appisode 117: PacMan Kart Rally for Nokia Challenge

If you have always wondered what Pac Man did when he wasn't running around the maze eating and trying to stay away from those bad guys!? PacMan Kart Rally is the answer!

After checking this game out, I have to say it has the same caliber with Mario Kart, I actually think that's what the developers were going for in this one, as it has the exact same gameplay and concept as Mario kart does. The graphics are awesome, game play is incredible and we have a game here which makes it a really cool xbox live game.
You can play Pac Man rally in multi-player mode too!
You can control the game either by tilting or using the on screen left/right buttons

My Verdict:
If you loved the classic Super Mario kart, whether on GameBoy or on your Super Nintendo console, PacMan rally just extends that experience for you onto your Nokia Phone. Check it out!

You can get Pac Man Kart Rally from the Marketplace for $2.99 or try it for free HERE


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