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Saturday, June 9

FIrst Unboxing VIDEOS for the Nokia 808 PureView

As you already know the Nokia 808 PureView went on sale in several countries this week (especially in Asia) so here are a few unboxing videos in case you are thinking of getting this 41MP camera phone...
This first video is from youtube user: he has the 808 and a couple of nice accessories to go with it (case and charger), check it out:

The next video is from FoneArena, this is a more detailed unboxing, shows everything that's in the box plus the Symbian OS from the first time putting it on, he also compares sizes between the Nokia 808 and the N8, E7, Lumia800...

next up here is unboxing of the white 808:

And here is an informative video from Gerald out of the UAE...

Nokia 808 unboxing and size comparison from Gerald Donovan on Vimeo.


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