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Friday, June 1

Flexible Nokia phone set to debut within 88 years

This is a nice info-graphic (from Nokia Russia Facebook Page) that shows the evolution of Nokia from 1984 till date, from back in the day when Nokia phone names were 4-digits long, from the 7110, 7650, to the N70, N90, to the now presence and prominent Lumia series.
But what's really interesting about the info-graphic is the missing device at the end, that suggests a flexible phone is in the works?
Nokia has already demoed this flexible device with flexible controls in the past, here is the video of it...

so is it possible that will be see this in the market really soon, well the info-graphic suggests this will be out at least in this century as the date reads 20?? so expect to see the flexible phone in this century at least, and we are in 2012 already, so expect it within 88 years time?!

See LARGER IMAGE of info-graphic



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