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Sunday, June 17

How to get amazing still shots with Xenon Flash on the Nokia 808 PureView

With the Nokia 808 rolling out in countries around the globe (even the US :), Nokia has uploaded a couple of easy "How to" videos on getting the most out of your Nokia 808 and its amazing PureView.

The first video is on how you can get amazing still shots (even in the dark) using the Xenon flash on the phone, here is the video:

I believe this is the first of many video tips we will get from nokia regarding the Nokia 808, a second has already been uploaded (in next post)...

The Nokia 808 comes with both Xenon and LED flash on the side, a convenience seen on no other  cameraphone, but then again, the 808 is no ordinary cameraphone.

To freeze the moment using xenon flash, select hyperfocal autofocus mode for action shots and you will be able to capture amazing detailed shots even when your target is moving (fast)...

Can't wait to check out the Nokia 808!
In the meantime, I've got an N8 for sale :)


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