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Monday, June 25

Leaked Nokia AIr Video shows new Symbian UI?

In a 2min leaked video which shows the new Nokia cloud service brilliantly called "Nokia Air" Nokia shows how the power of "the cloud" helps make your mobile experience awesome.

But its not the Nokia Air service or the concept devices in the video that got attention, it was the awesome.. just AWESOME style of the UI, the first time I wateched it I didn't pay attention to what the voice-over was talking about, my eyes were glued to what Symbian could have become if Nokia had stuck with it and made it their sole mobile OS, the crisp flow of the apps, the layout, and how the whole UI was designed, just astounding.

Granted it is a concept, but nevertheless who in their right mind wouldn't want that to become reality, it would easily beat Android and crush the iPhone.

The video is marked confidential and yet it leaked which can only mean one thing: it's discarded by Nokia, I have been in the tech industry for a while, and I know for a fact that when you see a document with the word "confidential" on it lying around then it means that company doesn't care anymore about it. So maybe it got scraped just like Meltemi did? We will never know.

But in the meantime, just hit "replay" and watch again what Symbian would have become. Sweet!

Maybe we will see this Nokia Air at Nokia World? Maybe Nokia Air is the Plan B incase Windows Phone fails?


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