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Tuesday, June 12

Leaked Screenshots: Windows Phone 8 Apollo UI with integrated Skype, Drive 3.0, Camera UI??

I know I promised I was going to talk about Windows Phone 8 until Microsoft or Nokia make official announcements (which probably will be next week on June 20th at the Dev Summit in San Francisco, CA) regarding the OS.

But I got some screenshots from an anonymous source who goes by the name DarkRiver (lol, I gotta love that name) which claims to be from a windows phone 8 device running via RDA.

First off, he says this is the integrated skype on WP8  and how it looks, this is a much awaited feature and we will definitely see it on the next major upgrade to windows phone, from the images you have the option to answer a Skype call with or without video, you can also initiate Skype chat from the user's profile, pretty awesome!

Integrated Skype on WP8 UI

Skype in contact profile in WP8
Nokia already confirmed we will see the PureView technology on new Windows Phone 8 Nokia devices, as you know Nokia will be given more leeway than other OEMs to tweak the WP8 OS, I cannot confirm if this is what the new camera UI will look like, as it looks really simple, unless most of the settings are not in plain view. tapping the 3dots should unleash a whole new set of functions you can tweak.It just shows a vertical bar which looks like its the zoom in/zoom out setting, the 3dots button, the upper button for switching between the main camera and the front facing camera, the other button I cannot quite make out what it is..

Camera UI on WP8?

Based on the next screenshot, an interesting feature coming to windows phone is the ability to monitor data usage natively, I don't think this is possible on current windows phones, it is however available on Symbian devices, but this screenshots shows that the new windows phone 8 will be able to monitor your data usage, the first bar shows how much data you have left, the second shows how many days remaining on your data plan, and it seems you can even adjust your data plan based (see more data plan) on the data report (pie chart %) from the in-built app. There's even a live tile for instant access. awesome!

Data usage monitor on WP8?

Lastly, here is the UI of the Nokia Drive 3.0, as you already know this will come with updated traffic report and re-routing, though this is not really a windows phone 8 feature as it will be updated to current windows phone, anytime now?... OK we'll wait!

Nokia Drive 3.0

I CANNOT confirm if these are 100% legit or if they are fan-made, but I guess we will find out next week... Hopefully!
I'll be looking forward to the integrated Skype and the new camera UI (especially what it would look like on PureView Lumia phones)


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