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Wednesday, June 20

Microsoft announces the new Windows Phone 8 (Apollo). Info inside!!

Today in San Francisco, CA, during the WP summit, Microsoft FINALLY announced/unveiled the LOOONG awaited Windows Phone 8 to the world, with it comes a NEW REVAMPED start screen, dual core CPUs, new screen resolutions, NFC capability, microSD, wallet hub and more! Windows Phone 8 phones will be available this fall/autumn (from September)

Here's a list of what's to come on the new platform:

New Start experience. The new Start screen features a third live tile size, the ability to customize any tile to any of the three sizes, new color schemes, and a new design that takes up the whole screen, if you are thinking, where have you seen this before? then you remember my windows phone 8 concept UI, which is exactly the same, coincidence? maybe? maybe not?

Multi-core processor support. Windows Phone 8 handsets will ship with dual core processors this year and with quad core processors in 2013. Thanks to the Windows 8 foundation, the system can scale well beyond the needs of tomorrow’s smart phones, and can currently support up to 64 cores.

Higher resolution screens. In addition to the currently supported screen resolution of 800 x 480 (WVGA), Windows Phone 8 will support two HD-class resolutions, 1280x720 (720p) and 1280x768 (WXGA).

Micro-SD support. Windows Phone 8 will fully support removable micro-SD storage.4

NFC wireless sharing. A new Near Field Communication (NFC) capability called Tap To Share lets Windows Phone share data with other NFC-compatible devices, including Windows 8 PCs and Windows RT tablets.

Wallet. Windows Phone 8 features a digital Wallet that can store debit and credit cards, coupons, boarding passes, membership cards and other important data securely. Using NFC, you can pay for items in retail stores by tapping your phone on a compatible pay terminal.

Internet Explorer 10. Windows Phone 8 features the same web browser in Windows 8, including features like SmartScreen antiphishing and IE 10’s improved web browser and JavaScript engines.

Maps. Nokia’s superior mapping technologies are being integrated deeply into Windows Phone 8, offering offline support, turn by turn navigation, and a maps control for developers.

New app capabilities. Developers will be able to write games and apps in C/C++ native code utilizing the same powerful DirectX and Direct3D gaming libraries found in Windows. Windows Phone 8 will support in-app payments for the first time, and will allow some form of app to app communication. And it will be supported by a new Visual Studio 2012-based development environment that uses Windows 8 Hyper-V to host its device emulator.

Integrated VoIP capabilities. Windows Phone will let Voice over IP (VoIP) apps integrate deeply into the OS, run in the background, and work and look just like the normal Phone experience. Skype will be included, but third party apps will get all of the same capabilities available to Skype.

Multitasking improvements. Location and VoIP-based apps can now run in the background.

Business and enterprise features. With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is erasing all of the deployment blockers that dogged Windows Phone 7.x. It supports device and memory card encryption (in fact, Windows Phone 8 devices are encrypted by default), better security features like Secure Boot and EUFI firmware and app sandboxing, remote management, and a company hub for side-loading LOB apps.

 The windows marketplace officially has over 100,000+ apps, and these apps (currently running on WP7.5) will also work on WP8, Awesome!!!

So we look to Nokia World where surely Nokia will show off its first Windows Phone 8 device!

Watch the Full 2 Hour WP Summit Event, where WP8 is launched...

 Here's a link to watch the full 2 hour WP summit event! Enjoy!


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