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Tuesday, June 12

New features coming to Windows Phone 8?

Here is a list of features you should expect with the upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS, as published by WPCentral...

  • In Windows Phone 8, Nokia Maps replaces Bing Maps all together and will feature 3D navigation and hardware acceleration across all Windows Phone devices.
  • Skype will be built into the OS and integrated into your contacts and work like a regular phone call.
  • VOIP providers can patch into the OS just like Skype can.
  • Windows Phone Wallet will bring NFC payments to the OS.
  • Windows Phone 8 will bring Voice Tools so developers can plug into Tellme.
  • Windows Phone 8 will include WinRT
  • Native Development for gaming will be available.
  • New APIs for the camera in Windows Phone 8
  • Many other new Developer tools
Some of these features we already knew no doubt are on their way to the new Windows Phone 8 OS,and we should look forward to next week's Dev Summit in San Francisco where hopefully Windows Phone 8 and its features will be revealed.

So what feature are you most looking forward to?

Via: WMPoweruser


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