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Wednesday, June 20

New Nokia Apps coming + WordsWithFriends!!!

While the Windows Phone 8 was announced today, Nokia also made some announcements of its own.
Nokia will beintroducing new exclusive Nokia App to further enhance your Lumia Experience, a couple of them are focused on better imaging, there's a DLNA app, data counters and more.
Here's the full rundown...

Camera Extra App:
This new camera app enhances your smartphone’s camera considerably. It adds new settings that will allow you to take pictures that you’ve never been able to take before.

  • Smart Group Shot: Capture great group shots in just one attempt by choosing the best faces from a burst
  • Action Shot: Capture fast-moving action shots with just one click and significantly improved shooting speed
  • Panorama: This new control feature makes it easy to capture beautiful panorama shots by finding the image in the sequence
  • Self-timer: Set up your Lumia on a stand and get yourself into more photos
 This Camera App should be available in a couple of days!!

Contact Share:
Tired of writing out phone numbers and contact information to pass onto a friend? This new app is a quick and easy way of sharing your contacts via SMS or email.

Counters is an innovative way of monitoring your Lumia usage and even setting up limits. This is particularly useful where you have call-time or data allowances from your operator and to make sure you do not incur extra costs.
Contact Share and Counters will in Marketplace for China by June 22nd. It will be available for all other countries by July.

Many of us now have several devices, such as a TVs or Blu-Ray players, connected to a network. PlayTo will allow you to share pictures, videos and music from your Lumia smartphone to other DLNA -enabled devices on your network.
PlayTo will be available in a couple of days.

I am more excited about the camera extra app though, specially since Nokia acquired imaging tech firm Scalado, this is just a tip of the iceberg..

check out the promo fro the camera extra app...

WordsWithFriends & DrawSomething coming to Lumia phones:
In even more exciting news, Nokia in collaboration with popular game makers Zynga , will be bringing popular Zynga games to the Windows Phone platform, popular games like WordsWithFriends, DrawSomething and more, Nokia will have exclusive rights to the games for 2 months, the games are set to be available this fall/autumn!

Source: Nokia Conversations


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