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Tuesday, June 19

Nokia 808 PureView now available for Pre-Order ($699) in US via Amazon, gets July 8th availability date!

The Nokia 808 PureView is now available for Pre-Order in the US (via Amazon)
and the price is quite HEFTY, it's $699. I know Nokia sold its Vertu Division (that sells luxurious Phones) but they never stopped selling luxury phones, I mean at $699, the 808 might as well be a luxury phone!

The Nokia 808 will be available from July 8th(in 3weeks)

It's a tough one, think about it, would you spend $699 on a 3G Symbian phone that will only work on either At&t or T-Mobile? your guess is as good as mine.

Conclusion? no offense but I will wait for the PureView Windows Phone 8 device!

If you don't mind picking one up, then head over to Amazon and place your pre-order!


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