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Saturday, June 30

Nokia Classics: the "Indestructible" Nokia 3310

Nokia's "indestructible" reputation for the toughest phones in the world started with one: the Nokia 3310.
Released in 2000, the Nokia 3310 is the strongest Phone out there, almost indestructible and 12years later, it still is!
If I didn't know better I would argue it was made with carbon fiber/fibre glass composition.
This global phenomenon that is the Nokia 3310 never died as the internet is still swarmed with pics depicting just how indestructible the 3310 is.

 While some might argue that the 5210 was pretty tough, it was built with the sole purpose of being tough (with its hard case), I don't think Nokia manufactured the Nokia 3310 with the sole intent of it being the toughest phone, it just happened!

The 3310 really set the stage for Nokia's dominance in Phone hardware and while it's been a while since we has seen such toughness produced by Nokia, I know they can do it again and would like to call on Nokia to give us a Nokia 3310 successor.

My addiction for mobile gaming all started with the Nokia 3310, and the 2 culprits were no other than the addictive couple of Snake II and Space impact. Back in an era where there wasn't online global leadership boards, the only record you had to break was your own! These games got me playing for hours and hours and with a sturdy battery life you never got scared of running out of battery life.


All in all, When it comes to the Legend of all legends, the Nokia 3310 will forever be a timeless classic.


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