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Thursday, June 21

Nokia Drive coming to ALL Windows Phone 8 devices. Not Cool!

 A bit of a shocker here, but Nokia announced that its premium Map services will be available for all non-Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices.

Depending on what side to look at it from, it's either a good move by Nokia or a bad one, but at the end of the day, Nokia is a struggling company and whatever smoves they make has been totally though out by the people responsible in keeping the company relevant.

That being said, Personally I am against the introduction of Nokia Drive on non-Nokia phones, they might have financial advantage but are they that desperate, really? Nokia Drive which was once the pride of Nokia is now turned into a whore and for the right price any OEM can have her too #FacePalm.

We saw a sneek peek at Windows Phone 8 yesterday, let's hope Nokia's variant of the OS keeps it as the #1 Windows Phone Manufacturer in the market.

In the meantime, I do NOT expect Nokia's Lumia sale to increase, rather it will die down totally as the news of the new WP8 OS spreads and its lack of full upgrade-ability on existing Lumia phones, Users will rather wait for WP8 devices or worse still, get an Android or iPhone device.

Rough times ahead! Brace yourselves People.

Source: Nokia Conversations


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