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Wednesday, June 6

Nokia Lumia 900 gets updated to SW 2175.1003.8112.12085 (removes purple hue)

Only less than a month ago, Nokia US acknowledged the purple tint issue with the Lumia 900 and promptly promised a fix for it.

 The Nokia Lumia 900 just got an update, it has been updated to SW 2175.1003.8112.12085.

This update brings with it

  • Removes purple hue which affected the screen of some devices in low light conditions
  • Enhanced sensitivity for proximity sensor performance
  • Other minor adjustments and enhancements
So it main function is to fix the purple hue that tints the phone's display, this especially happens when you set the phone's brightness to automatic.

Purple hue                                                                              normal

Be sure to connect your Lumia 900 to the Zune software on your PC/Mac to get the update!

For more info, check Nokia US website

After updating, I noticed the yellow tint when you take a pic is gone...

before update                                                                      after update

Before the update, if you were using your phone and your battery runs out, your phone freezes for a couple of minutes before it shuts off, but after the update, you get a courteous goodbye and your phone shuts off


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