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Tuesday, June 5

Nokia Maps for Lumia updated to v2.0 (new features)

I just got an update to Nokia Maps, it has now been updated to v2.0.
And there are 3 major features now included in the app, they are

  • Ability to write a review on a place and see reviews from other users
  • You can now upload pics of a place, see pics from other users, and my personal favorite
  • You can now save and sync your favorite places (from to your Nokia maps app on your Lumia device.
Other improvements include:
  • 190+ countries supported
  • Satellite, public transport and traffic views
  • Pin destinations, places and categories to start
  • Walk, drive and public transport directions
  • Share places and routes with friends
The ability to sync your favorite places is good news especially for former Symbian users (such as myself), I have a lot of saved places and up until now I never had the ability to import those locations to my Lumia 900, but it is now finally available and all I can say is "better late than never".

Also adding pics & reviews to places you visit are good features that are now available on the app, though not one that the app desperately needed,but in foresight (when a lot more people use Nokia and windows phone), this will probably come in handy, but for now, foursquare will do!

One feature I was disappointed to not see included in this v2.0 release of Nokia Maps, is the ability to find a place and navigate there, for instance you cannot pick one of your favorite places and do a voice over navigation to that place, you have to manually copy the address, open the Nokia Drive app, then paste the address there and be on your way. In comparison, on Symbian devices, you can find a place on Nokia Maps, and if you choose to drive there it automatically opens the Nokia Drive app and navigates you there!

So hopefully, this feature will be added to the Nokia Maps app, or maybe it will come in the next update for Nokia Drive, we have just seen Nokia Maps and Nokia Transport both get updated this week, so meybe the Nokia Drive is next in line, and pretty soon?
Nokia Drive update should bring access to your favorites and live traffic updates!


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