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Thursday, June 14

Nokia Reaction NFC/bluetooth headset announced

Nokia's new innovative bluetooth and NFC headset is here (well not yet) but Nokia just uploaded a video on the new Nokia Reaction BH-907...

its an impressive piece of accessory no one is ever going to use, OK, maybe a 1,000 business users will buy it but that's it, Nokia needs to focus their talent on bring out the best high quality phones.

This NFC bluetooth is pretty amazing, it comes with NFC, so that eliminates all that configuration you have to go through to connect the accessory to your phone, with this all you have to do is tap the headset on your phone and you are connected... but wait you will have to have an NFC enabled phone and so far the only NFC windows phone is the Lumia 610, the Nokia N9 and a few Symbian devices (701, 808..) and none of these devices are business phones (another Nokia fail, perhaps?
It also has "ear detection" which means once you put it in your ear it automatically detects that and transfers all audio to the headset, neat feature!
Touch controls handle manual volume adjustment - though the headset can also change volume itself based on ambient noise - and there are three microphones for active noise cancellation.

Nokia is yet to provide us with price and availability, though I reckon somewhere in the region of $100-$200 dollars,


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