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Monday, June 25

Nokia's next WP8 Phone is Lumia 800 successor?!

Curved display WP8 Prototype Nokia phone

In a Nokia WP8 promo video (uploaded by Cambo78) showcasing NFC mobile payment, Nokia shows real life scenarios where NFC makes life easier.

But that's not what caught our eye...

The WP8 phone in the video has no brand name on it, maybe it's the same prototype manufactured by Nokia that Joe Belfiore used during the WP Summit.
The only distinction (from the video) is the curved screen and as you know, the Lumia 800 is Nokia's only curved display WP7 phone. The Lumia 800 will get limited WP8 upgrades (WP7.8)

And judging from the success of the Lumia 800 (sold more that the Lumia 900 till date) and the admiration by many for the Nokia N9, I bet Nokia will revisit that curved goodness and give us a Lumia 800 successor in the form of the WP8 running, dual core processor, NFC enabled phone.

The pieces are coming to place.


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