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Saturday, June 30

Official Twitter and Facebook apps for Windows Phone gets updated

The once dismal official Twitter App for Lumia devices finally got updated to v1.5 and now supports push notifications.
Maybe, just maybe it can now compete with the high quality 3rd party twitter apps in the marketplace (Rowi, Mehdoh, CarbonWP and the rest of them...).
The app now adds push notifications for Mentions, Favorited Tweet, Retweets, Direct messages and New followers.
Now is a good time to try out the app. Enjoy.

Facebook for Windows Phone after its first major update a little over a month ago has been undergoing changes and improvements ever since.
The latest update comes in the form of v2.7 and it now has the following improvements/fixes
  • Notifications now show updated time instead of created time
  • corrected thumbnail display on likes
  • now respecting except clause on posts with custom privacy settings
 As far as I know there aren't any 3rd party Facebook apps


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