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Saturday, June 23

(Video demo) Nokia's Camera Extras app now available in US

A couple of days ago, Nokia announced it would be introducing exclusive apps to its Lumia line (610 710 800 900) in the US and China first. you can read more about them HERE.

Well, a couple of those apps are now available via the "Nokia collection" section in the marketplace and as such they are exclusive to Nokia phones, so if you have a Samsung or HTC windows phone... Sorry!!

The Apps are now available in the US, China and India, while it will become available in other parts of the globe in coming weeks.

Here's a look at Camera Extras, one of the 2 apps released today,

Camera Extras adds 4 new functionality to your Lumia camera, the functions are:

Smart Group Shot: For me, this is the best feature, It allows you to take numerous shots, the app then detects the faces from the multiple shots and you get to choose what face best suits you.

Action Shot: this is just taking multiple still shots at a fast pace, nothing new here.

Panorama: Panorama... nothing new here also

Self Timer: you can now take timed photos... yay!

See the demo:

Nokia is really stepping it up, I can't wait to see what they pull with windows phone 8 this fall!

Though the Camera Extra is still in its first release, there is still a lot of improvements, for example you cannot share the pics taken from within camera extra app, you have to go to your gallery to do so.
Also the self timer is preset to 10secs and it cannot be modified

I would also like to see in future updates, a merging of these features, for example use the self timer to take smart group shots, you get my drift?

Kudos to Nokia on this one, I am really impressed, you should be too!

Here's the LINK, but you will have to open it from your Nokia Lumia phone!


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