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Wednesday, June 27

(Video) Q&A; with Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop

I watched a video Nokia uploaded from MIcroosft's TEchEd event in orlando, where Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop answered questions from members of the event.

It's an 11mins video, and questions like "when will we see more Lumia devices across all mobile carriers" to "why are Nokia users switching to iPhones"...

There's no big news nor is there anything new to take from the video. I am however looking forward to seeing the many UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE Nokia Windows Phones that will turn up on every Carrier, Verizon will have their own unique Nokia, At&t will, Sprint also will get their own.

Around 3:33mins into the video, when the girl asks about Nokia's competition and she mentions Apple and Blackberry... that's it? really? so when it comes to wars of the mobile ecosystems, the first 2 competitors to windows phone are Apple and Blackberry, that's kinda funny, even more hilarious was the fact that she thought about it well and hard before naming those two.


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