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Tuesday, June 5

Windows Phone hits Major Milestone; registers 100,000+ apps in Marketplace

Things just keep getting better and better for Microsoft's windows phone OS, ever since its partnership with Nokia, the OS has gone from obscurity to A list celebrity status.
a little over a year ago, the Windows Phone marketplace had just 7,000 apps in its store but today it has registered 100,000+ apps and that number keeps rising at an exponential rate, with the store having an average of 300apps/day being submitted.
That means the Windows Phone OS platform beat Android as it got to the 100,000 mark in 20months while Android achieved the same in 24months, though the Apple's iOS still holds the record as it got to that level in 16months. This shows how fast the marketplace is growing.

Even more good news is that with the introduction of Windows Phone 8 OS and how its seamless integration across other devices (tablets, PCs..), and upcoming Nokia hardware, interest on the platform from developers will skyrocket, maybe Windows Phone could possibly beat the iPhone for time it took to get 200,000 apps in its store.

If you would love to see a more indepht look at those numbers, check out the  detailed report from AAWP


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