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Monday, July 2

Leaked Photo: New 1-Thumb Keyboard Design for WP8

Remember back in the 80's and 90's when the keyboard was straight and simple?
well fast forward to present day, if you walk in a computer store you are bound to find keyboard of all shapes, curves and sizes and they all claim to make typing more comfortable

Now look at the touch keyboard on touch devices,all have the same design really, major difference being spacing and responsiveness.
Microsoft's got something entirely different in mind when they designed the keyboard that's to feature on WP8 phones, it's curved in a way to make one handed typing a thing of comfort and ease.

New keyboard for WP8

WMPU is claiming they got this pic of the new 1-handed keyboard from microsoft's research dept.

From the keyboard you can see the buttons have more than one character on them, suggesting that typing on this will use T9 prediction mode, which makes it even faster, precision and getting the word you want however could pose a problem.

I don't know what to make of it, it is absolutely different from what we are used to. I will reserve my comments until a chance to test drive this new innovation.

It would be wise for Microsoft to include an option to switch between the traditional keyboard and this one, for those who do not like change!

Source: WMPU


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