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Tuesday, July 3

Nokia Store by the Numbers: 15 Million App downloads a Day, 120Million users, 120,000 apps, 154 devices,

If you love Nokia and you love numbers, then this is for you!

Nokia released its Global Reach Statistics, and they are IMPRESSIVE numbers.

Here are the Numbers:

  • There are 120 Million users who access the Nokia Store.

  • The Nokia Store is accessible on 154 Nokia devices.

  • 411 Developers have published apps which have surpassed 1 Million downloads

  • There are 15 Million App downloads a day from the Store

  • There are over 120, 000 Apps in the Nokia Store.

  • 190+ countries around the world have access to the Nokia Store
  • 53 of those countries have operator billing.
  • 32 local Languages are supported on the Nokia Store
  • 90%  of visitors use the Store in their own language.

  • 80% of traffic to the Store results in downloads
  • 1 out of 3 download direct to mobile phone
  • The #1 device with the most downloads from the Store (in 2011) was from the Nokia N8, followed by the 5800 xpressMusic (both devices which I previously owned :)

This is no doubt an amazing feat.
Hopefully, these will one day be the stats for Nokia WP devices.

Source: Nokia Developer


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