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Friday, July 6

Nokia TGIF: Explore Gotham City in 3D with Nokia Maps

While the world anticipates the premiere of the third and final installment to the Dark Knight Trilogy, Nokia has gone ahead and released a 3D model of the City of Gotham for fans to appreciate before the movie is released in 20days.

The 3D Map of the city takes advantage of Nokia's superb maps engine and quality, an engine so good than CNN used it for their coverage of the Royal wedding last year.

The Map also shows the landmarks of Gotham city: Wayne Towers, Arkham Asylum, City Hall (where the epic battle we saw in the trailer happened), The bridge that Bane blew up, also the Gotham City stadium that was destroyed by Bane too, amongst other monuments are also present in the 3D map.

Check it out HERE

You might want to play R. Kelly's Gotham City song while navigating the 3D wonder for better effects. Just saying :)


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