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Friday, July 13

Unboxing the Nokia Purity In-Ear Headphones

Nokia teamed up with Monster Cable Inc. to bring the best in audio accessories, and one of them is the notable Monster Nokia in-ear Purity Headphones.

These High quality headsets are on par with the much hyped headphones from Beats Audio, and the best part is they are cheaper!

So what do you get when you buy these headphones? Inside are your headphones, a nice rugged but cool looking pouch to secure them in, a few different sizes of ear tips for whichever suits your ears ( I reckon Obama would used to biggest ones) and there is a audio jack adapter.

All this in a sleek box, nice packaging that is expected of a $99 piece of accessory.

Here is a gallery of the accessory, you can get them from Nokia's Amazon Page


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