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Monday, August 13

a couple of videos showing Symbian FP2/Donna features: lock screen, music player, browser, camera UI

Here are a couple of videos from unleashthephones showing the yet to be released Symbian Belle FP2 (or should I say Symbian Donna?)..

The first one here, shows the new lock screen, with like 50% opacity and all you have to do is swipe it to unlock, pretty neat.
Also the new keyboard is shown, noe has suggested words as you type, kinda like on windows phones, though the keyboard is still small, clustered and impossible to use in potrait mode, due to the fact that Nokia has refused to increase the width of its Symbian devices, though the keyboard does look more responsive!
It does however, come with new features, you can change to other language layouts by the touch of a button,
Next up, is the totally revamped music player, new UI and it now has a notification in the drop down status bar.
There is also a quick look at the new HTML capable browser!

Next up, is a follow up video from alsiladka, here more features from the FP2 are shown, this shows notification as they appear on the lock screen and the N9-like way to view them from the lockscreen.
The camera UI is also looked at (same with the Nokia 808), and a final look at the Nokia music store!

there is still no official word when this update will be available to Symbian users, though it is very likely it will only be available to 2nd gen. Symbian devices 701, 808, 700, 603...


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