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Tuesday, August 14

Another Nokia Windows Phone 8 surfaces, with 4.3inch screen

As we inch closer to the unveiling of Nokia's next generation windows phone devices, it is only customary that we start seeing leaks of these devices or parts of them, as is the case here.

Alps, makers of capacitive panels for smartphones just leaked, well one of their employees just leaked a photo of the frame for one of the upcoming Nokia WP8 phones.

Nokia's is going BIG, this latest photo shows a 4.3 screen and guess what this isn't even Nokia high end WP8 device, YES! ladies and gentlemen, there is something bigger than this, the Nokia Phi (aka Lumia 800 successor) will be packing a screen bigger than this, say 4.5inches.

I'm going to say this will be the Lumia 710 successor, since it is mid range.

If anything, this only reminds me of the concept windows phone, Nokia put out early last year...

Now that I think of it, this was probably the concept device the Lumia 710 was made out of, well, apart from the physical buttons on the Lumia 710.

I just hope with these massive screen phones Nokia's producing, they make them light enough too, I would like it if my trousers sag everything I put my phone in my pocket!

Source: WPCentral


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