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Monday, August 6

Cancelled Verizon Nokia Om coming back with wireless charging?

So according to my Verizon source who informed me about wireless charging on the upcoming Verizon Nokia WP8 phone.

He confirmed that the phone above is indeed the cancelled Nokia Om and he also informs me on why it got cancelled.
 Nokia was supposed to release a Verizon CDMA WP7 phone back in Dec. 2011 but it got cancelled by Verizon, Why? Because it did not support IPv6. That's it!

It remains to be seen if this actual device will eventually make its way to Verizon stores, but rest assured if it does, it will come with wireless charging and support for IPv6!

PS: Oh and you might want to bookmark this website for latest info on Nokia's Flagship Windows Phone 8 device set to debut next month at Nokia World event in Finland.


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