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Tuesday, August 7

Confirmed: Nokia Phi is Nokia Lumia 800 Successor (with Photo)

Nokia DogPhone

Remember the WP8 Prototype Joe Belfiore used to demo WP8 at the WP Summit? It turns out that is the Nokia DogPhone that has been popping up on WpBench, and it is what it is... just a prototype!

But that's not the biggest news I bring to you this sunny morning.
I can confirm to you that the Nokia Phi (note: "Nokia Phi" is a codename, just like Nokia Ace = Lumia900) is the Lumia 800 successor. The success of the design of the N9/Lumia 900 impressed Stephen Elop so much so that he is not letting it go just yet.

Here is a detailed description of the Nokia Phi:

  • It has the same curved screen but bigger screen size (cannot confirm if it will be bigger than the Lumia 900's 4.3inch or the same) hence it will be thicker and far heavier than the Lumia 800.
  • It has the same form factor, that is, polycarbonate unibody with irreplaceable battery (just like the Lumia800)
  • No physical buttons on the front
  • 4 physical buttons on the right side: up/down vol keys, power button and camera
  • It will run on a Qualcomm Dual Core CPU (First Nokia Dual Core WP8 phone)
  • It will have external SD card slot
  • NFC chip on board.
  • LTE enabled
Unfortunately, I cannot show you a picture, though my source promised to give me one before it is officially unveiled at Nokia World event in Finland,

They did however, confirm the Nokia Phi will be available starting from the last week of October

[UPDATE]  The guys at WPDang seem to have already beaten me to the punch and released a photo of the Nokia Phi

Nokia Phi

The Image above looks exactly like the WP8 phone shown in the Promo below...


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