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Thursday, August 30

Amazon's Kindle Fire to use Nokia Maps Service, instead of Google maps!

According to Yahoo! News, Amazon will be adopting Nokia's Map services on its new Kindle Fire tablet (expected launch date is a week from today). in the US, the Kindle now accounts for 1 in every 5 tablets owned, that is how popular it is.

Nokia Maps will run natively on the Kindle. Amazon snubbed Google Maps for Nokia's services, even though the Kindle is based on Google's Android platform and it would have been less stressful and probably cheaper (not sure) if they went with Google maps. Well,  that's just how good Nokia's Map service is, I mean what more can I say!

You can still use Google maps on the Kindle, but you will just have to go through the hassle of either using the web browser or getting it from a third party source.. OUCH!

Since the start of the year, Nokia's been bragging about how they are the best when it comes to location based services, evidently Microsoft attests to this, so much so that they signed a deal to have Nokia's map available on every Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 device (Nokia or not).

I don't know why Amazon chose to go with Nokia Maps. But whatever Nokia's doing is pretty damn good!

Source: Yahoo News


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