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Friday, August 31

Is Nokia going to unveil a Win8 Tablet on Sept 5th?

According to WPDang, internal images from Nokia show what appears to be a full on Windows 8 Table.
Based on the desktop tile, it seems Nokia is working on a tablet.
While, I do believe Nokia is working on a tablet, I don't think we will see it next week (surprise me!), Nokia is keen on regaining it's dominant position in the smartphone world, and while a tablet is in their plans, I do not believe it to be in their immediate plans.

Besides, judging from the image, it seems to be old based on the fact that the phone next to it is the Lumia 800. if they were going to launch a tablet, it would be next to either the Lumia 820 or 920 and those will be running WP8.

Source: WPDang
Via: WPCentral


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