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Friday, August 31

Leaked? Lumia 920 and 820 photos imerge. real? or fake?

Nokia Lumia 920, aka Phi?
Here is the photo making the rounds today, according to @EVLEAK, this is the Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia's WP8 device, that should have PureView, It is a nice render and there is no confirmation if this is the real deal of not.
The Phone does look like a bigger version of the Lumia 800 (curved screen).

We tried to reach out to a reliable source in  Nokia to confirm if this was real and he said "you haven't seen anything yet, even if those were real (which i am not saying), there is a lot more than meets the eye", the source goes on further to say " we are distrupting the market market again next wednesday with new technologies"
Really looking forward to September 5th, I already called in sick to work (in advance)!

If you remember I was tipped that the WP8 phone was going to be the bigger version of the Lumia 800, though I cannot confirm if this is the real thing, Tom Warren, from TheVerge, seem to believe this is authentic. The phone is said to pack a 4.5inch screen.

@EVLEAKS also says this is the Nokia Arrow:

Same as the image we saw yesterday, only this time we get to see the front of the phone.
This is said to have a 4.3inch screen.

It's normal for leaks to become rampant leading up to Sept. 5th, I think I will be patient and see what Nokia comes with, after all, it is only 4 days away!

Source: @EVLEAKS

Via: WPCentral


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