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Monday, August 13

Leaked: WP7.8 features revealed, missing HW related WP8 features

A leaked internal document from Nokia France shows a list of features from Windows Phone 8 that will and will NOT be coming to WP7.8.

Though there isn't really anything new to see here, it just confirms that most features that will be missing from the WP7.8 update are due to hardware constraints, as everyone knows by now, new windows phone 8 devices are carrying a whole new set of hardware, from on board NFC chips, to dual core processors.

Here is the list...

The features marked in red will not be included in WP7.8 and rightly so, most of them are hardware dependent (NFC, display, TPM chip, dual core CPU..).

There are however, a few features from the list that are not hardware dependent and they are still not coming to WP7.8, features like OTA update, real multitasking, IE10, device management and company hub. These features don't look to me like hardware dependent stuff, so why aren't they being included to WP7.8? I don't know!

What's interesting is the "real multitasking" feature, this has been (and still is) one of my greatest problem with the current WP7 devices, it's sad that something as simple as multitasking is never going to be available on the Lumia 800 or 900.

But at least we will have it onn the next gen. of WP phones.

The list also shows a few features that will be limited on the Lumia 610, understandably so, as the 610 is a really low end WP7 phone!

All in all, we look forward to seeing the next WP8 phone packed with all these features and more!


Source: Unwiredview


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